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IMVU Studio – What Are Avatar Body Parts?


Each IMVU avatar has 10 body parts, and each one has a corresponding “body part ID” that goes from 0 through 9.

When you create products that modify the way the avatar looks, it is important to specify which body part ID the product will override. This will affect the other products that the avatar may use, since an avatar cannot have two products overriding the same body part ID. For example, if you have an item that overrides body part ID 1 (the hair), wearing another item that also overrides body part ID 1 will not work.

The body part IDs correspond to the following body parts:

0 – Head

1 – Hair

2 – Upper Body

3 – Right Hand

4 – Left Hand

5 – Abdomen and Hips

6 – Left Leg

7 – Right Leg

8 – Left Foot

9 – Right Foot

How to Access the Body Part ID Overrides


STEP 1: Go to the right side-panel and select Info .

STEP 2: Click three dots next to body parts.

STEP 3: Click Override Body Parts.

STEP 4: The Override Body Parts pop-up will appear. 

To override a body part, simply tick the check box beside its corresponding ID. To remove the override, just untick the same box.

Click the Preview button on the upper-right to see the changes.

Remember that you can override as many body parts as you need in the same product. This is useful in resolving visual issues such as clipping. However, be careful as overriding too many body part IDs can result in your product conflicting with other items the avatar may be wearing.

Before the proper overrides

After the proper overrides

Updated on July 8, 2021

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