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IMVU Studio Learning Session 5: Scale Products & Optimize Shine

IMVU Studio is our next generation creator tool, currently in development. It serves as the foundation for new features and optimizations on IMVU Desktop and Mobile, allowing Creators to take their products to a whole new level.

What You’ll Learn

In this session we’ll show how to use our Scaling feature in IMVU Studio and also do a demo on how to optimize shininess.*

  • Part 1: @TaunTaunTonic, head of the IMVU Studio product team, will show you how to use our new Scaling feature, which makes changing the size of your avatar easy.
  • Part 2: IMVU’s Digital Artist @Drosselmeyer will walk you through best practices on using normal, shininess and diffuse to make your shiny objects look realistic and detailed.
  • Part 3: @TaunTaunTonic and Drosselmeyer will answer questions from Creators attending the Learning Session.

Watch Now!

Shininess Technical Tutorial

Normal Map Technical Tutorial

Questions & Answers

(Verbal answers are recorded in the video)

Q: Are you able to set your default creation room in studio? can this default room be decorated?
A: You can set a default room shell product. You can decorate in IMVU Studio but the decoration is temporary during your IMVU Studio session. It is not possible at this time to set a decorated room as your IMVU Studio room

Q: Could possibly start labeling rooms in studio as plus or not so we know which ones have the lighting?
A: That’s a great question thanks! We recently released the concept of the “imvu+” label for products in Mobile and Desktop. We’ll be following that up soon with the same label in IMVU Studio.

*This Learning Session took place July 23, 2021, and the information shared is specific to this time period.

Updated on August 24, 2021

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