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IMVU Studio Beta – Release Notes


Released March 1, 2021

Bug Fixes
  • Save furniture placement in deco mode after a Preview.
  • Prevent cached product info when opening submitted products.
  • Close and save project from deco mode should not update the scene.
  • Furniture edit in deco mode should not trigger save.


Released February 23, 2021

New Items and Features
  • Updated all tooltips across the UI. You can also turn them off in the preferences.
  • Updated UI in Derive Mode search. Choose between PID or product search in a single search bar.
  • Total file size of your product is now displayed in the Info Panel
  • New icon in the top menu bar for easy access to importing with two options – ‘Import Asset’ or ‘Import FBX’
  • You can now import multiple assets at once (cal3d and image files)
  • Derive Mode Search also now searches across product names AND keywords.
  • Require a note when submitting a problem under “Report a Problem” in the help menu.
  • In Home Mode, your draft products will show a PID on the product thumbnail if the draft originated from a published product.
Bug Fixes
  • Ensure project tab always has title.
  • Fixed comma separated triggers in the chat bar menu.
  • Undo/Redo now works through the dropdown menu.
  • Compatibility field for room/avatar disabled.
  • Fixed the camera position on avatar.
  • Fixed Client Creator compatibility for animations by setting same defaults in Studio.
  • Changing texture should not reset the transparency mode back to composite.
  • Only show full name tooltip if the name is truncated.
  • Add search bar to help menu.
  • More optimizations to the Preview process.
  • Moving zoom menu item to macOS only.
  • Changed Update Available button style.
  • Cleaned up App menu items.
  • Fixed community discussion link in the help menu.
  • Removed Debug option from menu bar (for now).
  • Add open tabs to window menu.
  • Fixed the creator education center link in the help menu.
  • On FBX import review, add size of items, and warning if over limit.
  • FBX thumbnail images improved formatting, show size.
  • Fixed body part compatibility not being preserved when you derive.
  • Adding color palette to index xml.
  • Direction values are stable when moving away from Particle Inspector.
  • No longer auto assign asset on creating a new skeleton.
  • Fix paste and copy in room decoration mode.
  • Camera should not be reset on previewing furniture changes, camera should be reset and focus on the editing furniture on room shell change.
  • Show “more” menu on selected Component List item.
  • Various bug fixes.


Released January 18, 2021

New Items and Features
  • Progressively load published products in Home. If you have a lot of published products, it should now be much quicker to view them with less loading . 
  • When looking at the derivation history, you can now select products anywhere in the history and the full list will persist. 
  • Add furniture triggers to chat box.
  • Add loading indicator when adding item.
  • Show mesh id in component list.
  • Add tooltips to asset panel menu items and context menu items.
  • Show a progress bar during bug report log submission.
  • Add disabled items in the component ‘more’ menu.
Bug Fixes
  • Fix texture loading issue on some submitted/published products.
  • Fix Derive Modal loading only one collection.
  • Fix missing Mesh(es) on CHKN import.
  • Fix missing Textures on some published products.
  • Carry profit and keywords from core to studio.
  • Fix CSS which breaks dropdown.
  • Show a dialog when an attempt to add or duplicate errors out.
  • Fix duplicating a timeline item.
  • Hide derived product on load error.
  • Additional fix to remove unexpected triggers when deriving a furniture product.
  • Remove image_filename from model.
  • Saving unnecessary data on action on Studio will break it on Core.
  • Error mesages don’t go away on slider change.
  • Fix the category when searching in Inventory Panel.
  • Update copyright to 2021
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Allow DeriveModal to open and show products even if one or more of those products fails to load.


Released December 10, 2020

New Items and Features
  • Filter by Creator in Derive Mode
  • Show preview on texture list item
  • Remove size limit on XMF import
  • Remember the selected category in Derive Mode
  • Slider styling
  • Add Skeleton View toggle
  • Added ability for users to send logs when reporting bugs
Bug Fixes
  • Fix undo of reverted material
  • Fix typed-in Trigger not working
  • Fix comma-separated Trigger action names
  • Focus on the Furniture product after scene load
  • Fix a misuse of removeEventListener function
  • Resizing app should adjust the Popup position and fix right panel scrollbar, dragging Popup should remain inside Edit submode
  • Fix log directory for main process logs on MacOS
  • InputManager.js tests and improvements
  • Automatically preview and trigger pose for MCG
  • Fix FBX import from folder with trailing space
  • Various bug fixes


Released November 17, 2020

New Items and Features
  • Screen Snapshots
    • Snapshot button will take a high quality image of your scene (4096 pixels wide)
    • Snapshot quick commands can be entered into the chat window:
      • *hiressnap – this will do the same thing as the snapshot button
      • *hiresnobg – takes a high quality image of the product you are editing with an alpha channel
  • Easily Toggle Decorate Mode On/Off for placing reference furniture items
  • New decorate mode functionality
    • visualize seat node actions by toggling mannequins on or off
    • duplicate or delete furniture placement
    • speed up or slow down actions
  • Add ability to apply Minimum Coverage Guidelines to avatar
  • Transparency UI has been reworked
Critical Bug Fix Release
  • Stop Camera, furniture, avatar position changing on Preview.
  • Fix GDPR error message on login page.
  • Add backwards compatibility for Furniture Skeleton placement parameters.
  • Fixes for Inventory room shell “In Use”.
  • Fix Undo Remove Component issue.
  • Deleting ensemble now makes Preview button active.
  • Fix error when opening certain published rooms.
  • Initialize Action Ensemble Playback Control when Ensemble selected.
  • Fix Derive modal Search field only displaying products searched when selecting category 2nd time.
  • Update fbx2cal3d import tool to fix error with many vertices.
  • Fix missing Create button after network recovery.
  • Various bug fixes.


Released October 22, 2020

Critical Bug Fix Release
  • Fix error importing FBX with no Meshes
  • Fix missing furniture with certain Inventory rooms
  • Fix missing Texture on Undo


Released October 16, 2020

Bug Fixes
  • AttachmentNode includes ‘furniture’ and ’01’ with ‘Floor’, ‘Wall’, or ‘Ceiling’.
  • FBX Import dialog performance improvements.
  • Clear furniture list when a new room shell is applied.
  • Hide rating filter for non-AP users.
  • Layout fixes.
  • Relax file size constraints to mebibyte sizes (e.g. 2 * 1024 * 1024, rather than 2 * 1000 * 1000) to match server-side.
  • Better job of matching categories: respect gender when matching for parent, Misc/Skins/Hair/etc names have changed.
  • Better handling of network outages and refinements to the network outage page.
  • Various bug fixes.


Released September 23, 2020

New Items and Features
  • Enabled rotation/scale/position controls for furniture items you place from your inventory.
    • If you’re testing out furniture placement with items from your inventory, you now have control over the rotation, scale and position of your items.
  • Added local transparency priority.
    • Transparent materials usually layer and render in the correct order. But, for some products
Bug Fixes
  • Handle network outage on startup better.
  • ProductEditSubmode recovery on network error.
  • Make the tab bar item larger.
  • Fix error on import of empty FBX.
  • Add file extension check when uploading asset from asset dropdown.
  • Enable preview button on compatibility change.


Released September 10, 2020

New Items and Features
  • Added the Chat bar for triggering actions. This can be used for both testing actions in the project and triggering actions/poses that you are wearing.
  • Relaxed camera constraints. Now you can zoom way in and waaaaay out!  No way?!?…way.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Blending compatibility issues between IMVU Studio and Classic Client
  • Improve importing assets from Mesh Inspector panel
  • Make Open File dialog stay on top
  • Show invalid error dialog when adding mesh/material asset with wrong file extension
  • Correctly update furniture position when its skeleton attachment has changed
  • Fix FBX mesh undo/redo
  • Check for invalid XRF file when uploading from Inspector Panel
  • Allow action to be used in Inventory with Empty Female Clothing
  • Fix for texture  on Materials on redo in certain situations.
  • Enable the new component button for skeletons.
  • Mesh LOD quality now locked to full resolution


Released August 23, 2020

Bug Fixes
  • Alpha threshold section is now hidden if no opacity texture has been applied
  • Various fixes to improve FBX import process
  • Remove opacity/normal/shininess texture thumbnails upon Undo operations
  • Fix error on furniture action playback
  • Add an ‘all files’ option to the file selection filters
  • Showing error dialog on oversized CFL to help with incompatible CHKN file imports
  • Center align the alert modal text
  • In Derive Mode, tweak the pattern allowed on PID entry to accept accidental spaces at the beginning/end
  • Get more accurate information from ancestor actions
  • In Home Mode, LastSaved/LastOpened sorting improved
  • Handle network outages for social login
  • UI fix on redo/undo adding ensemble
  • Better compatibility when products are both 80 (female) and 191 (male) gender compatible
  • Truncated component name should adjust its length when resized
  • Show error dialog for renaming conflicts
  • Fix inactive undo/redo button on changing skeleton placement
  • Fix Asset panel more button placement
  • Various bug fixes


Released August 5, 2020

New Items and Features
  •  Auto-reloading of assets
    • If you have a project open in IMVU Studio, changing or updating any file in your corresponding system project folder will be detected by Studio and your project will be auto updated. For example:
      1. Navigate to your Asset Panel
      2. Choose any asset and in the dropdown menu, choose ‘Open In Folder’. This will open your project folder location
      3. Open a texture file, edit it in your favorite texture editor, and save it (as the same name)
      4. Go back to IMVU Studio and hit ‘Preview’. Your texture changes have been auto-updated. (Don’t forget to Save!)
    • This works for mesh, skeleton and animation files as well, but just be careful you don’t change the fundamental structure of the file.
  • Added status pane to Home mode.
  • Add Help FAB on Home mode
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the infamous ‘eyeball’ texture being inadvertently loaded when replacing certain textures!
  • Removed Error tab (for now)
  • Scrollbar, Column and Panel tab adjustments
  • Fix multiplying XRFs when adding Material Component
  • Disable Alpha Threshold setting if no opacity map has been loaded
  • Show privileges on Preferences page
  • Fixed missing meshes upon FBX import
  • Fix missing textures on FBX import if name is same as ancestor.
  • Fixed ‘Composite’ blending mode not being set upon FBX import
  • Tidied up Inventory filters UI


Released July 14, 2020

New Items and Features
  • Legacy support for importing .xrf material files directly from the Material inspector panel.
  • File selection now allows the option to search all files
  • Asset Panel allows you to ‘Remove Asset’ and the asset list will show how many times the asset is used in the project. If it’s ‘0’, you can delete it from the project.
  • Updated thumbnail image and preview image sizes
  • Consolidated thumbnail sizes in the Component Panel
  • Updated Inventory Panel filter icons. It should be much more intuitive now for new users to find the filter options.
Bug Fixes
  • Fix no undo on updating asset when saving the change
  • Make Asset Panel show thumbnail for ‘jpeg’ as well as ‘jpg’
  • Fix some styling issues with Material Inspector Panel
  • Environment Component Name should not be editable
  • Design/layout touchups
  • Prevent the ability to drag/drop textures from the UI
  • Fix Inspector always resets to new Material when a new Material is created even if on a Mesh component


Released July 2, 2020

New Items and Features
  • Undo / Redo History!
  • Add Apple and Facebook sign-in buttons.
Bug Fixes
  • Add missing Alpha Threshold slider
  • Update UI on Subsurface Shader and Blending Mode change.
  • Add Image on Texture Picker should apply the image in the preview section.
  • Improved gender checking on products.
  • Reload the product lists when the sort changes.
  • Retain submesh change when changing mesh and improve material mapping.
  • Don’t trigger preview on first display of inspector panel
  • Read/save ‘Overridable’ on material component.
  • Change ‘Bottom’ to ‘Bottoms’.
  • Play animation when avatar changes.
  • Fix issue with ‘speed’ input field
  • Make sure actions are triggered properly
  • Fix issue when changing texture on a skin. It no longer loses the texture after re-opening project.
  • Show an appropriate error for network errors on login.
  • Update web deps.
  • Fix issue with reverting on material component
  • Fix import asset size check.
  • Fix FBX import with no materials to project with no materials.
  • Update some wording of error messages.
  • Fix adding component shows 2 new components in panel.
  • Fix meshes applied adding duplicate materials.
  • Fix missing texture after add image/preview.
  • Fix some styling issues with Material Inspector Panel.
  • Allow large FBX imports.
  • Fix FBX hang on empty room.


Released June 10, 2020

Bug Fixes
  • Textures on skin materials would loses texture after re-open. No more!
  • Allow mixed genders / undefined genders on Info Panel PID field. Compatibility field now accepts list of PIDs for multiple genders. Does *not* recategorize project.
  • Don’t allow input with a trailing comma on compatibility
  • Fix on input validation
  • Reset height of filter panel when lists change
  • Make filter panel sticky to prevent it scrolling with the list
  • Fix mispelling in error message
  • Show failed tag on failed peer review product on filter change
  • Respect current dressup avatar when editing furniture or rooms
  • Show immediate change on product status
  • Correctly handle closing a tab that isn’t current active tab
  • Correct dialog message for replacing project files
  • Make adding/removing in-use looks more reliable
  • Make value of name editing field consistent with component name
  • When reverting subsurface shader from on to off, color picker should no longer be displayed
  • Various bug fixes


Released June 1, 2020

New Items and Features
  • Show all the compatibility PIDs in info panel
  • FBX Import – Inspector Panel reset after import
  • Make the preview progress a little more fine-grained
  • Show ‘in review’ or ‘failed’ status on product in peer review
  • Improved gender handling
  • Styled tab bar
  • Can submit as new and resubmit a submitted product
  • Add link to ‘give us feedback’
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed FBX Import mesh sometimes not replacing existing mesh
  • Make the validations respect multiple compatibility PIDs
  • Fix z-index of context menu in dialogs
  • Fixed error on import of unchecked texture
  • Error tooltip should go away when not on relevant screen
  • Error message should be consistent between component and inspector panels
  • Place avatar at the center of the scene for attachments
  • Fix word-break/overflow-wrap settings for tooltips



Released May 18, 2020

New Items and Features
  • Hide the usage info on Material inspector for now.
  • Added tooltip for showing truncated text.
  • Change action ‘name’ to ‘name/trigger’.
  • Asset Panel thumbnails added.
  • Update title of Ensembles popup to ‘Ensemble’.
  • Create tooltip for breadcrumbs.
  • Add error notifications to project submission.
  • Add error tooltip if attempt to derive underivable product.
Bug Fixes
  • Fix animation triggering.
  • Fix some file extensions still showing up on Component names.
  • Fix issue where Inspector Panel wouldn’t show up sometimes because of usage calculation.
  • Update text on various error messaging
  • Fix project/directory renaming.
  • Fix Preview missing materials after mesh (XMF) import.
  • Load the ambient color from ancestor or imported CHKN.
  • Popups now properly overlap
  • Provide an error dialog when a network error occurs opening a tab.
  • Correct derivation fee calculated with hidden/disabled ancestors.
  • Popup should be on top of sticky search box in Inventory panel.
  • Do not include unused assets when building CFL.
  • Camera will now stay put when previewing furniture changes.
  • FBX import triggers preview.
  • Layer dialog goes on top of the sticky positioned widget in the Inventory panel.
  • Reload the Derive modal once recovered from lost network connection.
  • Update TGA thumbnail to not use src file.
  • Check thumbnail size before product submission
  • Fix problem deriving parentless product.
  • Allow owner to derive their own product.
  • Add error for deriving from mis-categorized room.
  • Fixed Community Discussion link.
  • Highlight home tab if selected.
  • Various Inventory Panel fixes.
  • Fix Action not playing if comma is in the action name.
  • Fix Action not playing after name change.
  • Fix for circumstance where added ensemble initially not showing.
  • Fix category counts when filtering.
  • UI: Derive filter categories increased to 12px.
  • Show product id on Info Panel if product is published
  • Drop file extension for component names
  • Disable the submit button when there are errors.
  • FBX import no longer creates empty actions.
  • Should show ‘more’ menu on the Component item after rename.
  • Inventory panel: the search box and filter is sticky on the top when scrolling.
  • Rename project directory to match product name on save.
  • Add missing image on Asset list item.
  • Deleting open project closes tab.
  • Allow editing only one component name at a time.
  • Add gender filtering for Product list.
  • Fix background on layer preview images.
  • ‘Add Material’ fix when replacing existing material.
  • Fix the incorrect profile time logging.
  • Update Texture Popup and Error dialog text copy.
  • Various bug fixes.


0.17.8 – Initial Release

Released April 27, 2020

Updated on March 2, 2021

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