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IMVU Studio Beta – Release Notes


Released May 18, 2020

New Items and Features
  • Hide the usage info on Material inspector for now.
  • Added tooltip for showing truncated text.
  • Change action ‘name’ to ‘name/trigger’.
  • Asset Panel thumbnails added.
  • Update title of Ensembles popup to ‘Ensemble’.
  • Create tooltip for breadcrumbs.
  • Add error notifications to project submission.
  • Add error tooltip if attempt to derive underivable product.
Bug Fixes
  • Fix animation triggering.
  • Fix some file extensions still showing up on Component names.
  • Fix issue where Inspector Panel wouldn’t show up sometimes because of usage calculation.
  • Update text on various error messaging
  • Fix project/directory renaming.
  • Fix Preview missing materials after mesh (XMF) import.
  • Load the ambient color from ancestor or imported CHKN.
  • Popups now properly overlap
  • Provide an error dialog when a network error occurs opening a tab.
  • Correct derivation fee calculated with hidden/disabled ancestors.
  • Popup should be on top of sticky search box in Inventory panel.
  • Do not include unused assets when building CFL.
  • Camera will now stay put when previewing furniture changes.
  • FBX import triggers preview.
  • Layer dialog goes on top of the sticky positioned widget in the Inventory panel.
  • Reload the Derive modal once recovered from lost network connection.
  • Update TGA thumbnail to not use src file.
  • Check thumbnail size before product submission
  • Fix problem deriving parentless product.
  • Allow owner to derive their own product.
  • Add error for deriving from mis-categorized room.
  • Fixed Community Discussion link.
  • Highlight home tab if selected.
  • Various Inventory Panel fixes.
  • Fix Action not playing if comma is in the action name.
  • Fix Action not playing after name change.
  • Fix for circumstance where added ensemble initially not showing.
  • Fix category counts when filtering.
  • UI: Derive filter categories increased to 12px.
  • Show product id on Info Panel if product is published
  • Drop file extension for component names
  • Disable the submit button when there are errors.
  • FBX import no longer creates empty actions.
  • Should show ‘more’ menu on the Component item after rename.
  • Inventory panel: the search box and filter is sticky on the top when scrolling.
  • Rename project directory to match product name on save.
  • Add missing image on Asset list item.
  • Deleting open project closes tab.
  • Allow editing only one component name at a time.
  • Add gender filtering for Product list.
  • Fix background on layer preview images.
  • ‘Add Material’ fix when replacing existing material.
  • Fix the incorrect profile time logging.
  • Update Texture Popup and Error dialog text copy.
  • Various bug fixes.

0.17.8 – Initial Release

Released April 27, 2020

Updated on May 19, 2020

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