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Import a Project from Classic to IMVU Studio

This is a section of the tutorial “Intro to IMVU Studio“. See the entire article here.

Finding your CHKN Files

Local projects from the IMVU Classic Create Mode are stored in a CHKN file on your computer. In order to import these files to Studio, click on the Hamburger menu on the upper left corner. Hover your mouse on File, and click on Import CHKN.

For files from the Classic Create Mode, they can be found in Users ➞ [username] ➞ Documents ➞ IMVU Projects.

  ● On Mac:

  ● On Windows:

However, the project files can also be found in other locations if you chose to save them in different folders.

Depending on the version of your Operating System (Mac or Windows), your Classic Create Mode projects could reside in:

  • Documents and Settings ➞ [username] ➞ My Documents ➞ IMVU Projects

When you click on the Import CHKN button, your “IMVU Studio Projects” folder will open. From here you can navigate to where the old project files were saved.

CHKN was the default Create Mode file type. To open a project, you have to click on a file with this format.

After selecting a CHKN file, if you click Open, the Editor will open in a new tab on IMVU Studio.

Updated on June 8, 2020

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